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Our Approach

Our best asset is our people. We're in no doubt of this.  How our Care Teams feel supported, respected, rewarded and trusted is critical to our success.

We will consistently offer the best opportunities to our colleagues - from our office team &  Care Manager to our Team Leaders and Carers.

We believe in creating an atmosphere where we're all respected, with clear goals, great training - all in a 100% supportive environment.

Our team are our brand - and the more knowledge they have, the better care we're able to provide for our clients. We'll always invest in Health & Social Care qualifications to help our team be the very best that we can be.

Some of the feedback from our Care Team is below. We're so humbled by these kind words. They focus us even more on setting our own standards - for our Clients and Carers alike.

Helping At Home Photos-48_edited.png

'I was welcomed with open arms & was impressed by how approachable they are at any time.'

'As a lone worker I never actually feel alone!

I feel appreciated and valued by owners and management. I am honored and proud to be a part of a dedicated, caring team.' 

'When I approached HaH, at the interview, I had an immediate feeling of care and compassion from both owners and management. Now, after almost 3 months, that feeling remains unchanged'

'In 12 years of working in care, I have never felt so appreciated '


'I started working for HaH because from the very first moment I responded to the advert,  I felt a real sense that this was going to be a very special company that REALLY cared,  going above and beyond for clients & their staff'

'The support is second to none, always someone at the end of the phone no matter what the time or day'

What do our Team say?

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