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Our Care Services

We describe some of our most popular services on this page - but we're super-flexible and can combine any elements of these services to ensure that our care for you or your loved one is tailored specifically to your / their care needs. 

Personal Care

We are overseen by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), enabling us to provide assistance with personal care for you or your loved ones. Personal care involves helping individuals maintain their personal appearance. Below are examples of tasks we can assist you or your loved ones with:


  • Washing, Bathing or Showering

  • Toileting and continence

  • Catheter and Stoma care

  • Getting dressed or undressed

  • Oral hygiene

  • Medication assistance


After a care assessment with one of our team members, we can create a personalised care plan tailored to your needs, preferences, and likes. Whether you prefer a shower in the evening or need assistance with a morning wash, we can arrange for a team member to help at your preferred time.


Home Help & Housekeeping

The important of your surroundings on your mental well-being can't be under-estimated.

We provide support with a whole range of household chores. Think of us as an extra pair of hands with exceptional high standards! Here are some examples of tasks we can help you or your loved ones with:


  • Light cleaning

  • Laundry and ironing

  • Taking out the bins

  • Pet care

  • Meal preparation



Why is companionship so important? According to Age UK, over 2 million individuals in England aged 75 and above live alone, with more than a million older people experiencing over a month without conversing with a friend, neighbour, or family member.


Loneliness can greatly affect our well-being. We aim to combat social isolation through our companionship visits. Our clients often seek companionship and conversation, whether they live alone and lack regular interaction, or simply want a companion for activities such as appointments or shopping.


Overnight Care

When a loved one needs care, it's usually family and friends who step up as primary caregivers. Recognising the significance of taking breaks to recharge, we offer our support. Whether you need consistent overnight assistance or a brief respite, we are here to assist you.

  • Our team can be available to provide support during the night, which may include them being on call while they rest however, they will be ready to assist if needed once or twice.

  • Alternatively, they can remain awake and ready to help whenever required.


Respite Care

We recognise that people's needs are constantly evolving. You might require occasional assistance for a family member while you go on holiday, or perhaps you coordinate support around family obligations and seek the reliability of a regulated care provider to fill in the gaps. Our tailored care packages allow you to request care team members as needed.

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